The Video
(Super Bowl 2015)

The 2015 Touchstorm Video Scoreboard analyzed content on advertisers’ YouTube channels related to their Super Bowl ad campaigns and delivers a snapshot of the most successful campaigns.

See who won the biggest game
in advertising.


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Consumer Magazines
on YouTube
(November 2014)

Touchstorm’s YouTube Special Report on Consumer Magazines is out! Using data pulled from the Touchstorm Video Index, we discovered who’s winning on YouTube and who isn’t… Plus, you’ll get insights on the Top 20 channels!.


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Women’s Designer
(October 2014)

We used our Live Ratings tool to look behind the seams of the Women’s Designer Fashion topic on YouTube. The review is your backstage pass to the latest insights… and some of the trends may surprise you.


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Outdoor Activities & Adventure Sports Report (June 2014)

The Touchstorm Video Index gives you a view on YouTube like you’ve never seen before. See it in action in our report, which covers the Outdoor Activities & Adventure Sports conversation.


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The Video
(Super Bowl 2014)

We created a one-of-a-kind tool that monitored the performance of all the ads running during the 2014 Super Bowl. See last year’s scoreboard to see who won the biggest game in advertising.


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Video Index:
Top Brands Report
(October 2013)

In our first-of-its-kind report, we measured the performance of brands in the top 5,000 YouTube Channels, and the results are shocking. See who won, who lost, who’s catching up and who’s just catching on.


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Guide to Video
Content Marketing
(May 2013)

We’ve been making and marketing online video content since way back before YouTube, and we put all of that experience and insight into one place — this report. Get it and get started building an audience of your own.


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